The Good

The Good


I’ve decided to have some nostalgic fun by talking about old and defunct Disney attractions from the 90s. I’ll start in Epcot, Disney World’s second park.

Behold, Spaceship Earth: a testimony to human communication, the symbol of Epcot, and, to some, a giant golf ball. This ride has gone through several renditions, but the 1994 version is considered by many fans to be one of the better ones, if not the best version. While it doesn’t have a singular theme song, like Tomorrow’s Child, it does have a grand and varied orchestral score, ranging from the choirs of a church to the fast beat of 1950s jazz. Narrated by Jeremy Irons, Spaceship Earth ‘94 carries a sense of seriousness and historical authority, but also a sense of culture and wisdom. It shows us the good times and the bad, it looks to the past and the future, and it has both facts and heart. I’m sorry, Judy Dench, but Spaceship Earth as it stands today will never compare with this version.

Featured image taken from here, available under the Creative Commons license. Originally taken and uploaded to Flickr by Mark Kosinski.



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