The Ugly

The Ugly

Moving to the Magic Kingdom, we now turn to what has been labelled by many as the scariest Disney attraction ever created: The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Trying to appeal to teens, CEO Michael Eisner ordered up attractions based on movies, even if they weren’t Disney ones. An idea that popped up was Alien: an R-rated, gory, sci-fi film. Eisner loved it, but some older Imagineers convinced him otherwise. The license to the film wasn’t used, but a scary attraction was still underway. The final attraction used surround sound, binaural audio, air and water effects, and more to create the illusion that guests were trapped in a room with a man-eating alien, which was free to get up close and  too personal. This proved to be too scary for little kids and contrasted sharply with everything else in the park. For reasons not officially stated by Disney, Alien Encounter closed in 2003. Stitch’s Great Escape, a cheap retool, opened a couple years later and it has since become almost universally hated, which makes one wonder why it hasn’t been removed.

Featured image taken from here, available under the Creative Commons license. Photo originally taken and uploaded to Flickr by Jeremy Thompson.


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