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Grab Your Yoga Pants

Yoga is an activity that is often cited as relieving stress and being good for the soul, not just the mind and body. In my opinion, that’s totally true. Yoga is a great physical activity that exercises your mind, body, and soul, even if you didn’t like PE class in school like me.

Firstly, yes it is a physical activity, so it’s good for the body. It’s got plenty of stretching in places you wouldn’t think to try stretching and for the places you would normally try stretching, it’s got really intense poses that can be very confusing, but oh-so-right once you get there. That is, assuming you can get there. Yoga also builds strength by using your body weight as lifting weights. By standing, pressing, and lunging, your arms, legs, and torso will get quite a workout. Secondly, yoga is about self-reflection and meditation. Yoga classes will always start and end with breathing exercises to get you into the right mindset. Part of that involves forgetting everything you’re obligated to worry about on a normal day; you can’t very well focus on standing on one leg if you’re thinking about the day’s errands. Yoga done in groups has the added effect of possibly reducing some anxiety problems, because the group will slowly come together and people worry less about trying to be the best and only focus on being their best. Thirdly and finally, yoga is a form of exercise that requires very little expense on your part. At the base level, all you need to do yoga is a yoga mat or a place with soft floor that you won’t slip around on. Other yoga equipment like yoga blocks and yoga straps aren’t necessary at all and various alternative stretches can use your muscles in similar ways to get the same benefits without using some strap.

In short, yoga is a great way to exercise without spending a lot because it can make you feel better physically and emotionally. I hope that I have convinced some of you to at least try yoga. I have been taking it since August 2016 and I love doing it. Maybe some of you will too. Talk to you later.